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.Mead Longbows High Performance Bamboo (Shaped, tillered)

Build your own horse bow.  

 ***NEW ADDED VALUE - All DIY Bow Kits and limbs now come with an EASY TO FOLLOW 45 minute Instructional Video and a 25 page User's Manual and Bamboo Horsebow Book.  The Instructional Video takes you step-by-step through the entire building process, plus some bonus material.  If you're giving it as a gift and/or do not have internet access, the video can be played on most all computers, TV's, and mobile devices.***

Save time and money and get a set of Mead Longbows high-performance bamboo horse bow limbs.  The limbs are assembled into a bow, thoroughly tested (shot), then disassembled before shipping out.  These are perfect if you have access to and the ability to craft your own handle and siyahs.  Tracing patterns and exact dimensions for the siyahs and handle will be shipped along with your limbs.  Custom build your own unique horse bow.  Enjoy the unique performance this little, powerful bow has to offer! 


(NEW!) Beginner Horse Bow Model will be up to 30 pounds pull/draw weight
Backyard/Target Horse Bow Model will be up to 40 pounds pull/draw weight
Hunting Horse Bow Model will be between 40-50 pounds pull/draw weight (no higher draw weights available)
My Horse Bow Models are a joy to shoot and devastating to their intended target. 
When choosing your model -
If you are completely new to archery, and only plan to backyard shoot for the pure joy and zen like feeling it has to offer than I would suggest the beginner model. 
Planning to hunt and target shoot? Want something that can be shot all day with no pain while delivering pinpoint accuracy? Then I suggest picking my all time favorite the Backyard/Target Model!
It is what I use exclusively. You will not be disappointed. 

Customize your horse bow with your own exotic hard woods.  


$79, shipped anywhere in the lower 48 US states (Please contact for international pricing)

If you would like to arrange an alternative payment method, please call or email us.  
#(606) 423-0063

Dealer and Instructor inquiries, please email  

***BULK DISCOUNTS available on orders of 5 or more.  Click here for details.***

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