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Bamboo Flat Bow Limbs

Build your own Flatbow.  A no nonsense moderate performance bow.  

 ***NEW ADDED VALUE - All DIY Bow Kits and limbs now come with an EASY TO FOLLOW 45 minute Instructional Video and a 25 page User's Manual.  The Instructional Video takes you step-by-step through the entire building process.  If you're giving it as a gift and/or do not have internet access, the video can be played on most all computers, TV's, and mobile devices.*


The limbs are assembled into a bow, thoroughly tested (shot), then disassembled before shipping out.  These are perfect if you have access to and the ability to craft your own handle and enjoy a challenge.  Tracing patterns for the handle will be shipped along with your limbs.  Custom build your own unique bow!


(NEW!) Beginner Flatbow Model will be up to 30 pounds pull/draw weight
Backyard/Target Flatbow Model will be up to 40 pounds pull/draw weight
Hunting Flatbow Model will be between 40-50 pounds pull/draw weight (no higher draw weights available)

$79, shipped anywhere in the lower 48 US states.  If you do not reside in the lower 48 and/or live outside of the US, please contact me for exact pricing.  If you would like to arrange an alternative payment method, please call or email us.  #(606) 423-0063



Dealer and Instructor inquiries, please email  


***BULK DISCOUNTS available on orders of 5 or more.  Click here for details.***

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