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Sinew Composite DEPOSIT (click on image for details)

Sinew Composite Bows are my top of the line.  They will be of hunting weight and able to take down large game.  All bows come with 2 handmade arrows, one handmade bowstring, and user's manual.  The bows are covered in birch bark or can be fully wrapped in snakeskins. Snakeskin wrapping is an additional charge, and based upon availablilty. 


Only options available are as follows:

- Draw lengths up to 32 inches (please specify)

- Paint color on tips of siyahs (see photos)

- Handle wrap ( waxed silk, waxed linen, waxed jute, birch, snake or salmon skin)

  • Gloss or Satin finish

I produce unique, highly efficient, compact, powerful bows that will provide you with years of performance. I build each and every bow as if it were my own. Your bow will be test shot in the field by myself.  I will make sure we choose the bow that will best suit your needs and discuss any additional specs, add-ons you’d like on/with your bow.  My bows are custom made to order.  I guarantee each bow will be a unique, practical, high performance tool made with natural materials.  Made with care as if it would be my own.  Subscribe to my YouTube Channel, Mead Longbows, to see all of my experiments being tested.


Sinew Composite Horse Bow prices start at $600, before shipping and require a $300 non-refundable deposit at time of order.  The wait time on Sinew Composite Bows is currently 6 months, could be longer depending upon current order volume.  Contact me for exact pricing and specifics of your bow order.

There are many payment options listed below.  If none of these work for you, just contact me.  Thanks!
Payment options are:
- Click on the "Add to Cart" button to make deposit.  
- Call and place order with me using a credit/debit card.
- Send money order for appropriate amount to Dave Mead with request for your items.  Please email me if payment is mailed. Thank you!
Mail To: P.O. Box 98 Science Hill, KY 42553.


Don't see anything you like?  Have something else in mind?  

Email or call me and we can put together a custom order for you!  #(606) 423-0063


Dealer and Instructor inquiries, please email  


***BULK DISCOUNTS available on orders of 5 or more.  Click here for details.***

Price: $300.00   Quantity: